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Rx Clear® Super Floc Clarifier (Various Amounts)


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Rx Clear® Super Floc Clarifier is a granular clarifier prepared with extra strength to combat cloudy pool water for swimming pools with sand filters only. After being dosed in pool water before running the filtration system, it causes tiny, suspended particles to coagulate and floc together into larger filterable clumps. Super Floc enhances your sand filtration performance towards effectively removing floc particles, resulting in crystal-clear pool water.

Note: This method typically loses 4-8" of water vacuuming on waste. This product should only be used with filters that have a Multiport valve and/or a special bypass system for cartridge filters. Do not run Super Floc through a cartridge.


  1. Raise Ph to 8.0 or higher
  2. Broadcast Super Floc at the rate of 2 lbs per 10,000 gallons of pool water
  3. Run pool filter for 5 minutes
  4. Shut off the filter for 48 hours to allow all debris to settle at the bottom
  5. Vacuum to waste


Fix Poor Circulation

Use Rx Clear® Super Floc Clarifier for issues with cloudy or hazy water, after spring opening or any unwanted blooms. Get rid of cloudy water no matter what type of pool filtration system you have. Some filters may require special bypass valves.

Keep Your Water Clear

Swimming Pools become cloudy when tiny particles of dirt or dust are floating in the water. Clarifier causes these to stick together to be easily filtrated or cleaned out.

Water Balance Chemistry

One of the most frequent causes of cloudy pool water is poor water balance. Poor water chemistry also makes it difficult for your chlorine to do its job. Be sure to test your water using the appropriate testing kits.


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Weight 5 lbs.
Brand Rx Clear®

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