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Rx Clear® HydroSalt® Salt Chlorine Generator (Various Sizes)


Item #3753020


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The HydroSalt® system by Rx Clear® is a simple, affordable, and convenient alternative to chlorine, automatically turning ordinary table salt into a regenerating supply of chlorine. No more mixing, measuring, or storing chlorine again. HydroSalt® installs onto any standard filtration system of both new and existing pools. This HydroSalt® Salt Chlorinator Generator is for inground and above-ground pools up to 20,000 Gallons.

The cell comes pre-wired, allowing you to plug it into the control panel. These units are factory set 220 volts and can be installed converted over to 110 volts. From there, HydroSalt® automatically produces pure chlorine every day while the pool is being filtered and distributes it evenly via the return jets. Your pool water will be soft and silky from fresh, natural chlorine circulating throughout your pool, which means no more red eyes or dry, itchy skin. HydroSalt® will make your pool water the best it can be, all with no harsh chemical odors.

Note: Compatible replacement for Mineral Springs MS10/MS11, Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator Systems, Hayward AquaRite Pro, Hayward SwimPure Plus with controls, H-40, and Goldline Controls AquaRite, AquaRite Pro, Aqua Rite XL, Aqua Plus, Aqua Logic, and Pro Logic.


  • Operates with pools up to 20,000 gallons
  • Chlorine alternative that turns salt into a regenerating supply of chlorine
  • Ensures soft & pure water that is gentle on the skin and eyes 
  • Cell comes pre-wired; just plug it in
  • Easy, cost-effective maintenance
  • Approx. output in 8 Hrs. 0.35 lbs.


  • Effortless Chlorine Generation: Transforms ordinary table salt into a continuous supply of chlorine, eliminating the need for manual mixing, measuring, or storing of chlorine.
  • Easy Installation: This system is designed to install easily onto any standard filtration system for both new and existing pools.
  • Gentle on Skin and Eyes: The pure chlorine produced by HydroSalt® reduces the risk of red eyes, dry, itchy skin, and harsh chemical odors.


  • Includes a 14' cord
  • Union sizes: 1.5" & 2"
  • Length - 8-3/8"
  • Width - 4-7/16"
  • Height - 13-3/16" (including the bolt section)
  • 11-3/8" (Front Panel)


  • 2 year warranty

More Information
Pool Type Inground & Above Ground
Pools Up To 20,000 Gallons
Brand Rx Clear®
Warranty 2 years

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