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Yellow Out® Algae Killing Pool Cleanup (Various Quantities)


Item #103463


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Yellow Out® swiftly eliminates all strains of algae, from green and brown to pink and mustard, within just 24 hours. Unlike harsh chemicals that can harm your pool's surface, Yellow Out® is gentle yet effective. It dissolves instantly, requiring no brushing.

To activate Yellow Out®, simply add an oxidizer like chlorine, bleach, or a non-chlorine shock. It's safe for use on plaster, fiberglass, or vinyl pools, as well as those with salt generators.

Note: Your item will arrive in two 4 lbs. containers. 


  • Rapid Algae Elimination: Effectively eradicates all types of algae within 24 hours, restoring your pool.
  • Surface Safe Formula: Yellow Out® is gentle yet powerful, ensuring thorough algae removal without harming your pool's plaster, fiberglass, or vinyl surfaces.


  • Never premix Yellow Out® with any other chemicals
  • Add Yellow Out® to the pool, wait 5 minutes, and add chlorine to the pool
  • 2 lbs. treats 15,000 gallons
  • Never premix Yellow Out® with chlorine or any other chemicals

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Weight 8 lbs.
Brand Natural Chemistry®

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