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Zeo-Clear Swimming Pool Sand Filter Alternative - 50 lbs

Item #201408


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Zeo-Clear provides you with a way to replace your filtering sand to dramatically improve your pool water quality, filtering particles down to 3 microns versus traditional sand's 30-40 microns. This unique silica formula needs only half the amount of material compared to sand, yet its filtering capabilities approach that of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) while costing far less. It even lasts just as long as normal sand, yet requires less maintenance.

After use, your sand filter will provide your pool with softer, more natural water with a jewel-like brilliance. Zeo-Clear absorbs and eliminates water contaminants, ammonia and odor caused by algae, bacteria fungus, mold and mildew.


  • Improves water clarity & filtration
  • Reduces odors, eye burning and chemical usage
  • Traps particles and ammonium ions that cause eye burning chloramines
  • Reduces need for chemical shock treatments
  • All-natural


  • 50 lbs of Zeo-Clear is equal to 100 lbs of traditional sand in volume  
Tank Diameter 19" 21" 24" 30" 36"
Filter Area ft²  1.92  2.46  3.14  4.91  7.06
Lbs. of Sand  150  200  300  600  900
Lbs. of ZeoClear  75  100  150  300  450
Dual Filter Media    19"    21"    24"    30"    36"
Lbs. Pea Gravel   50   50  100   150   250
Lbs. of Sand  100  150  250   450   650
Lbs. of ZeoClear   50   75  125   225   325

(Special note – Zeolite may require up to 3 times more initial backwashing than regular silica sand or glass. Take extra care at this step to prevent future issues with cloudiness caused by ultra-fine particles.)

Pea gravel base recommended with use of this product. (Layer pea gravel just above laterals to cover them)

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Pool Type Above Ground
Pool Type Inground
Brand Zero-Clear
Filter Type Sand Filter

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