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Swimming Pool Stairs & Steps Information

Make pool entry and exit as easy as it can be with a step system for your inground or above ground pool. Whether you select a full system, have a deck mount or opt for a step/ladder combo, has you covered. As you make your selection, consider the measurements and be sure to consider local ordinances that may dictate what steps you choose.

If you’d like more guidance on your next step system, visit our detailed Buyer’s Guide and FAQ page.

How Do I Install My Pool Step?

The installation process for pool steps remains the same regardless of whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool. However, it may vary depending on whether you have an A-frame system or if your steps attach directly to your deck. Before placing your steps in the water, whether it's above ground or inground pool, you will need to attach flanges at the desired location for securing the steps. Flanges are often not included with the purchase of pool steps, so you may need to buy them separately. Once the flanges are in place, you can gradually insert the rails into the flanges and secure them.

For A-frame step systems, you should place them in the water and secure them to the top rail of the pool, being cautious not to damage the pool's liner or walls. Adding water or sand to provide weight can help keep the ladder in place as you position it. Regardless of the type of steps, it's important to choose a visible location for installation and follow the specific instructions provided with your ladder system.

Do I Need To Take My Steps Out During The Winter?

It is recommended to remove your steps when closing your pool. This eliminates an obstacle during the pool closure process and helps protect the steps from harsh winter weather. When storing the steps for the winter, ensure they are kept in a dry and secure space to prevent any unwanted damage. However, don't worry about the process of removing the ladder for the season, as it is easy to do and reinstallation during pool opening is not too difficult.

Step vs. Ladder

At, we distinguish between steps and ladders to facilitate your search for the desired product. Although both provide easy access to and from your pool, there are a few key differences to consider.

Steps allow you to walk directly into the pool, while ladders require a climbing motion as you ascend or descend the rungs. Despite occupying more space, steps may be easier for people to maneuver and tend to be slightly more popular and expensive. For more detailed information, please refer to our Buyer’s Guide on Steps.

On the other hand, ladders have a traditional rung-style design that you may be familiar with from land-based ladders. They are usually a more affordable option compared to steps and occupy less space in your pool since they don't protrude as far. If you have an inground pool with built-in steps, adding a ladder in the deep end could be a good idea.

If you are considering an entry and exit system for your above-ground pool, a combination of steps and a ladder might be worth considering. You can have a section of steps connecting to a ladder outside the pool for entry purposes.