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Beach Ball Should I get a ladder, a step or a combination? [open]
You should base your decision on a couple of things: budget, ease of use and aesthetic.

If the price tag is your biggest concern, you should look at ladder systems. Whether you need an A-frame or just something to mount to your deck, ladders are typically cheaper. A-frames are defined as step in pool ladders which normally have handrails, making it safe and easy to use. They also typically take up less space as well.

Having a safe and easy entry is important for a pool. If safety is your main concern we recommend looking limiting your search to pool steps and step systems.

Looking for the best of both worlds? You may want to consider a combination system with in-pool steps and additionally purchasing a ladder for the outside of your pool. [Shop All Pool Steps]
Beach Ball How do I install my pool step? [open]
While the process for steps is the same whether you have an inground or above ground pool, it will vary if you have an A-frame system or if your steps attach right to your deck.

Before placing your steps into the water for above ground or inground, you’ll need to attach flanges where you'd like to secure your steps. Flanges may not be included with the purchase of pool steps so you may need to buy them separately. After the flanges are set, you'll slowly begin to place the rails in the flanges and then securing them.

A-frame step systems will need to be placed in the water and then secured to the top rail of the pool. Be sure to avoid damaging your pool’s liner or walls. As you begin placing it, you may need to begin adding water or sand to serve as a weight to help hold the ladder in place.

For both types, you’ll want to make sure that you put your step in a clearly visible location. Be sure to follow the specific instructions that came with your ladder system. [Shop All Pool Steps]
Beach Ball Do I need to take my steps out during the winter months? [open]
You’ll want to remove your steps when you’re closing your pool. This removes an obstacle for closing and helps to keep your steps in better condition, keeping them safe from harsh winter weather. When storing your steps for the winter months make sure to keep it in a dry and safe space to avoid any unwanted damage.

Don’t worry though; taking your ladder out for the season is easy, and it won’t be too difficult to put it back in during opening. [Shop All Pool Steps]

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide POOL STEPS

A set of pool steps is the easiest and safest way to get in and out of your pool. Some inground pools have a built-in set of steps, but not every pool has that. That’s why you can buy a set of pool steps for your inground or above ground pool.

At, we offer different options in a variety of styles to match your pool’s aesthetic and fit your family’s needs, going beyond inground and above ground.
Beach Ball Step vs. Ladder [open]
At, we differentiate between steps and ladders to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. While both make it easy for you to get in and out of your pool, steps and ladders have a few key differences to consider.

Steps allow you to walk right into your pool while ladders require more of a climbing motion as you go up or down rungs. This may be easier for people to maneuver despite taking up more space. Steps tend to be a little more popular and a little more expensive. For more information, check out our Buyer’s Guide on Steps.

Alternatively, ladders have the traditional rung-style you may be familiar with from ladders on land. They’re typically a less expensive option than steps and will take up less space in your pool since they don’t stick out as far. If you have an inground pool with built-in steps, you may want to add a ladder in the deep end.

If you’re getting an entry and exit system for your above ground pool, you may want to consider a combination of step and ladder. To enter the pool, you can get a portion of steps that connect to a ladder outside the pool. [Shop All Pool Steps]
Beach Ball The Steps to Take [open]
Pool steps are made out of plastic resin. They’re corrosion-resistant and typically built to handle the rigors of pool life. They’re available in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. There are designs that also mesh together ladders and steps to give you the best of both worlds. The most classic steps are white but they can vary anywhere from blue to black for example. Some even have a curve piece addition to add extra pizazz.

Steps come complete with handrails and mounting brackets to make them as safe as possible for those entering and exiting the pool. [Shop All Pool Steps]
Beach Ball Size it Right [open]
Pool steps come in a wide variety of styles, and while their appearance is one of the most notable differences, dimensions can’t be forgotten.

The most important factor is the height of the steps, make sure your step set is tall enough to reach your deck or go over the rail. They’re usually adjustable for a couple of inches to common pool heights.

You also need to consider how wide the steps are. Some steps are wide or extra wide, creating an easier climbing experience while some are narrower. Be sure to also think about the size of each tread. Not only do they have different widths, they also have different depths. You want to make sure the steps are a good size and fit for your family and friends.

Finally, you’ll want to look at the step’s weight capacity. You want to make sure that the step you select is sturdy enough to handle your needs. [Shop All Pool Steps]
Beach Ball Other Things to Consider? [open]
As you begin shopping, you’ll also want to be familiar with the codes and ordinances of your area. You may have restrictions or requirements on the type of entry and exit system you use. Things to consider can include the placement, angle and security.

Whether or not it’s a requirement in your area, you may want to look at an exterior step that has a gate. This safety measure would help block off your pool when not in use and keep children out. [Shop All Pool Steps]
More Questions?
If you still have a few questions or aren’t sure what pool steps to get, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.