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Winter Pool Cover Pumps FAQs



Beach Ball How to measure how effective a cover pump is? [open]
Cover pumps are measured by how many gallons of water they pump per hour, the GPH. The higher the GPH, the faster it removes water and the better the pump works. Most pumps are able to pump out hundreds of gallons every hour while others pump out even more. Pumps can come in different varieties, such as some attaching to a garden house that pumps the water out or others that can work even submerged in water as it collects leaves and debris from the cover. [Shop All Cover Pumps]
Beach Ball How are cover pumps powered? [open]
To power most cover pumps you just need to plug them in. At, most of our pumps include at least a 19’ power cord to help you get ready for the winter season. [Shop All Cover Pumps]
Beach Ball Can I leave my cover pump out all winter? [open]
We advise bringing your cover pump, including hoses, inside during freezing weather. After the cold freezing winter weather has passed then be sure to remove all the water while it is unfrozen and in liquid form. As the snow melts if the temperature drops again, it will freeze once more, so you’ll want to get the water off your cover while you can. [Shop All Cover Pumps]
Beach Ball Are cover pumps submersible? [open]
Yes, cover pumps are submersible which will cut down on your maintenance and will protect your pool cover from accumulating excess water. Automatic pumps will turn on automatically when detecting water and will shut off when the water has been removed. As for manual pumps, they must be turned on and off to be operated by hand. Both pumps reduce the likelihood of drowning but get rid of unwanted water that can cause the water in the pool to be displaced. [Shop All Cover Pumps]

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide COVER PUMPS

Water can create a lot of weight that builds up on your winter cover. If not dealt with, that weight can tear and rip your cover. Pooling water can also fester bacteria, forming a sort of swamp on your cover. A cover pump makes it easy to clear that all away.

Whether you use it to help empty your pool, remove accumulated water from the top of your cover or anything else, cover pumps are a winter necessity.

Every pump is a little different. The biggest decision you’ll want to make is if you want a manual or automatic option.
Beach Ball Manual vs. Automatic [open]
While automatic cover pumps are more expensive, they do the job more efficiently than manual pumps. These automatic pumps can be placed on top of your cover and will detect when water has accumulated and needs to be removed, the pump will then turn itself on to gather the water. The pump also knows when there is no longer any water to gather and will turn off.

Manual pumps require a more hands-on approach to monitoring your pool cover. As water accumulates on your cover you must pay careful attention to your pump to know when to turn it on and off when the water has been drained. When the water has drained, you’ll also need to turn it off. [Shop All Cover Pumps]
Beach Ball Important Tip [open]
While pumps are submersible you won’t want water to freeze over the pumps during the winter season. We advise you to store your pump indoors during freezing weather to prevent any damage to your pool or pump. Check your pump for any warnings and be aware of your climate. [Shop All Cover Pumps]
More Questions?
If you have any questions or need helping deciding on a cover pump, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.