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Buying a Metal Framed Swimming Pool



Beach Ball Why should I get a metal frame pool? [open]
Metal frame pools are an affordable upgrade from inflatable pools. They offer more stability with less maintenance than an inflatable pool since they are less likely to be damaged by sharp objects while having more durability inside and out. If you’re looking for an easy-to-take-down pool that’ll last several seasons without breaking the bank you may want to consider a metal frame pool.
Beach Ball What else do I need to get started using my metal frame pool? [open]
At, our metal frame pools come with everything you need to get started. You’ll only need to purchase chemicals for the season along with games and floats to entertain your guests all summer long!
Beach Ball How do I store my soft-sided/metal frame pool for the winter? [open]
When the warm weather starts dying down and Fall is approaching, you’ll want to break down your pool and store it for the winter to ensure your pool lasts several seasons. As you drain the pool before slowly disassembling it, you should rinse any leftover chemicals off of the liner, leaving it to dry. After it’s entirely dry, fold your pool and store it in a dry and safe place until the next swim season.

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide METAL FRAME POOLS

When you want to get something higher quality than a pop-up, inflatable pool but aren’t ready to invest much more, metal frame pools are your best option. These metal-framed pools are sturdier than pop-up pools but are still easy to put-up and take down.

Made of a durable, powder-coated steel frame and a thick vinyl liner, these pools set up quickly and are ready for the summer swim season before you know it. The corrosion-resistant steel tubing makes up the frame creates a studier swimming experience than with a pop-up pool. The powder-coating also enhances the aesthetic appeal. Overall, they’re stronger and able to last longer than pop-up pools.

Metal frame pools are in-between the quality of soft-sided pools and ultra-frame pools that we carry. The price is affordable but at the same time considered a high-quality pool. They may take a little longer to assemble than pop-up inflatable pools but it will take less time than an ultra-frame pool.
More Questions?
If you have any more questions about metal frame pools, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.