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Water Bags FAQs



Beach Ball Are there any alternatives to water bags? [open]
Instead of water bags, you can use Buffalo Blizzard® Blizzard Blocks. They work the same way as water bags, serving as water-filled weights for your winter cover. They won’t leak, they easily stack and they’re more visually appealing in your backyard.

Never use other items like bricks, cinder blocks or lawn furniture to hold your cover in place. This can damage your cover, and if the cover ends up being pulled into your pool, these items can get pulled in as well and damage your pool. In contrast, water bags and Blizzard Blocks would harmlessly float. [Shop All Buffalo Blizzard® Blizzard Blocks]
Beach Ball Should I use corner water bags? [open]
Like the name suggests, corner water bags are specially designed to fit around corners. They help hold down corners, especially around small features like steps that can be difficult to secure. If you’re having a hard time keeping the corners secure with straight water bags, you may want to purchase a few corner bags. [Shop All Corner Water Bags]
Beach Ball How do I install water bags? [open]
Water bags are easy to install. Start by using your garden hose to fill each bag ½ to ¾ full with water, leaving room for expansion when the water freezes.

If your cover has loops, you’ll want to place the water bags within these loops. If you don’t have loops built-in, place them on top of the cover. Place them 12” to 18” apart or, if you live in a windy area, end to end. [Shop All Water Bags]

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide WATER BAGS

Water bags are a winter necessity for closing and securing your inground pool for the winter. The last thing you want is for your cover to blow loose in the middle of the winter, possibly falling into the water.

Affordable and easy to use, water bags are vinyl tubes that you ½ fill with water and place along the edge of your winter cover. They become a weight to hold your cover in place against the snow, wind and rain.

At, we offer a wide variety of water bags in different chamber styles, various sizes and more to best fit your needs and wants while keeping your inground cover secure.
Beach Ball Single vs. Double Chamber: Does it Matter? [open]
One of the first choices you’ll have to make is if you want single or double chamber bags. Double chamber bags lay flatter than single chamber bags and won’t roll. In addition, if one chamber is damaged or popped for some reason during harsh winter weather, the second chamber will still be intact, helping hold your cover in place.

While in most cases double chamber bags are superior, some winter covers have built-in water bag loops. A double chamber water bag can fit inside these loops, but a single chamber water bag fits a little better. [Shop All Water Bags]
Beach Ball Sizes Galore [open]
To secure your winter cover, you’ll need to fully surround your pool with water bags. To help you with that, we offer water bags in several lengths: 4’, 8’ and 10’.

You can find our water bags in kits by pool size so you can get the perfect number of bags for your pool. We’ve included the chart below of some of the most popular pool sizes to guide you on how many bags you will need:

Waterbag Sizing

[Shop All Water Bags]
Beach Ball Color, Color, Color [open]
One of the most fun choices to make when deciding on what water bag to get is color. At, we offer water bags in 3 colors: blue, black and tan. As each water bag is treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading, color comes down to personal preference.

Even with a short off-season, water bags will become a big part of your backyard. You want to pick the color that appeals to you the most and matches your décor. [Shop All Water Bags]
Beach Ball Vinyl Gauge Selection [open]
You’ll also need to decide what gauge you want. The higher the gauge, the thicker the material of the bag and the more durable it will be. If you face brutal, harsh weather in the off-season, you’ll want to consider a higher gauge. To best fit your needs, we carry bags ranging from 16-gauge to 26-gauge vinyl. [Shop All Water Bags]
More Questions?
If you’re unable to decide what water bags are best for your pool or have any questions left, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.