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2 Easy Ways to Drain Your Pool

2 Easy Ways to Drain Your Pool

Lowering your swimming pool’s water level can be an important part of protecting your pool and its equipment while the pool is closed down for the winter. To prepare for winter closing, drain your pool so the water level is 4" below the pool’s wall skimmer. This allows room for any ice expansion that won’t let the ice get high enough to potentially damage the pool equipment or press too hard against your pool walls. Below, our videos cover two simple methods in which to drain your pool.  

Before You Drain Your Pool

Either pool draining methods will require a backwash hose. It is very important to direct your backwash hose toward to an area that won't flood from all of the water flow. For most homes, this means draining into the driveway so water can roll down and then into the drains in the street. Be sure to get a backwash hose long enough to reach this distance before you drain your pool.  

Drain Your Pool with a Submersible Pool Pump

A submersible pump is an affordable piece of pool equipment that offers a few uses. Not only is it helpful to remove water from melted snow on the top of a winter cover in the spring, but it can also help you remove water from your pool in preparation of winter.

  1. Attach the backwash hose to your pool with a clamp. You can secure the clamp even further (and control any excess on the clamp) with electrical tape.
  2. Roll out the backwash hose to an area where you plan to drain the water. Place the pump into the shallow end of your swimming pool.
  3. Plug the pump in to turn it on. The pump will extract water from your pool and pump it through your backwash hose. Allow the water to drain.


Drain Your Pool Using Your Filter System

Most pool filters can drain your pool efficiently, though it is important to make sure your pool filter is clear of debris. Backwashing your filter prior to draining is highly advised.

  1. Attach the backwash hose to your pool with a clamp.
  2. Turn the filter off (or unplug it) and set it to Backwash. Turn your filter on and backwash your filter until the sight glass is clear (approximately 1 minute).
  3. Turn the filter off (or unplug it) and set it to Waste.
  4. Shut off your skimmer and open your pool’s main drain.
  5. Turn your filter on and the water will start to pump through your backwash hose. Allow the water to drain.


Pool Draining Tips

  • It takes time to drain your pool. Pick a time when you can stay at home to monitor your pool and equipment over the course of a few hours.
  • Make sure your equipment is in good working order. Do not submerge a submersible pump if it has any visible damage to the pump itself or the insulated electrical wiring.
  • Add winterizing chemicals after you drain your pool. There is little point adding chemicals to water that will not be staying in your pool over the winter.
  • Lowering your water level does not affect the amount of water in your plumbing lines. Don’t forget to blow out your plumbing lines, as they are easily susceptible to ice damage during the winter.

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