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5 Things to Know Before Measuring for a New Inground Pool Liner

5 Things to Know Before Measuring for a New Inground Pool Liner

Unlike above ground pools, inground pools come with a lot of variables in construction which can make the task of getting a replacement inground swimming pool liner a daunting one. However, with the right knowledge and patience, properly measuring for a new inground pool liner can be a simple process.

Don't Anticipate the Liner

It's important to keep in mind that these measurements are of the pool, not the liner itself. With liner material fitting inside of the pool, the liner will naturally be slightly smaller all around than the pool measurement. When measuring, do not try to accommodate for this in your measurements by trying to provide slightly smaller numbers. Simply measure the pool.

Consider a Team-Up

You may want to consider finding a partner to help you with getting your measurements. Accurate measurements can be attained by one person, but the process becomes a lot faster and easier with two. 

Have "No Standards"

\r\nThe most important thing to keep in mind before starting to measure is to never assume that your pool is "standard". From varying depths to different pool shapes, rounded or straight corners, steps, and other factors, each inground pool can be practically unique from any other. Be sure to measure everything as thoroughly as possible. Also make a note of any abnormalities in changes of plane or lines that change from being straight, even if only briefly. What isn't measured correctly now could lead to an improper fit later.

Use a Plumb Line to Measure Depth

\r\nWhile an empty pool allows for far easier measuring, you may not want to sacrifice swimming time just to drain your pool that early on in the process. A little legwork can help you get an accurate measurement while keeping your pool filled with water. The easiest way to measure depth in a full swimming pool would be to use a plumb line. One can easily be crafted with string, a small weight, and a skimmer or vacuum pole. Cut a length of string that's several feet longer than the deep end of your pool. Tie the weight to one end of the string, and tie the other end of the string to the pole. Hold the pole over the area you wish to measure and drop the weight into the water. Have a partner verify that the weight has sunken down and touched the pool floor. Have your partner exit the pool. With nothing in the pool other than the plumb line, have the partner pick the string up out of the water, noting where the string is wet from being submerged in the water. Measure the distance between the top of the wet portion of the string to the bottom of the weight.

Now that you're ready to measure, you can get started with our Measuring Guide for more useful tips, and use our Measuring Form when you're ready to order a new liner. Before you know it, your inground pool will have a brand new look with a perfect fit.

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