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Comparing Solar Cover Colors

comparing solar cover colors

We often choose a certain color while shopping due to the aesthetic, or maybe you just really want “that red sports car” to “the gold iPhone”. In terms of solar covers the color is a vital part of how the product will perform.

One solar cover has different functions than another one if they are two different colors. Solar covers have the ability to absorb, collect heat from and transmit the sun’s UV rays. Our covers come in different styles, sizes and colors depending on your needs. No matter what you want to have a functional solar cover that will generate heat for your pool. Different covers perform better than others in different environments, so it is important to research which cover will be the best for your pool.

Below we have listed the popular cover colors along with their pros and cons.


Blue Solar Covers

Blue Solar Cover

Blue solar covers are seen as the standard due to their overall general features along with their low price point. The blue cover is a thin translucent material, this allows UV rays to easily pass through the cover and heat your pool water. It does have some heat retention; however, it will be the least amount out of the listed covers.


Clear Solar Covers

Clear Solar Cover

The transparency of the clear solar cover more of the sun’s UV rays to penetrate through the cover and heat the pool greater than the blue solar cover. Without any additional water circulation methods, this cover will do well at heating your pool. However, it may need help reaching the deep end of the pool but good circulation can also help with that issue.

Clear covers are ideal when the sun is shining in your yard for long periods of time. If your pool gets less than 6 hours of direct sunlight each day, you may wish to try a different cover color (such as blue) which will absorb more heat in a shorter amount of time.


Blue/Silver “Space Age” Solar Covers

Space Age Solar Cover

The “Space Age” cover is available in a two-toned color that combines the features of a blue and silver cover. The translucent top (blue) allows solar energy to enter into your pool, causing the water’s heat to rise. The opposite reflective silver material aids in preventing solar rays from escaping your pool, the silver reflects the heat back inwards allowing the pool to heat more than say a blue solar cover.


Blue/Black Solar Covers

Blue Black Solar Cover

This is another two-tone cover that combines the products of an opaque and translucent cover. With one side of translucent blue and the other an opaque black, it offers more features than a fully opaque or translucent cover. It won’t do each feature as well as it would on its own due to it being split into two style colors.


Black Solar Covers

Black Solar Cover

These black covers are completely opaque and can help boost the temperature of your pool with minimal heat escaping past the cover. The color and level of opaqueness allow for very fast heat absorption that will heat your pool quicker than the other covers listed above. The downside of this cover however is that due to its heavy heat absorption it is known to break down faster due to wear and tear. This is due to the black resin material eroding faster than the blue or clear covers. To expand the life of your black solar cover we recommend only placing it on your pool during colder days at the beginning or end of the season to quickly boost the temperature of your pool.

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