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3 Types of Above Ground Pool Steps

dog standing on above ground pool steps submerged in pool located in backyard

When it comes to above ground pools, choosing the right pool steps is key to help provide safety, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Above Ground Pool Steps come in various types, each offering unique features and benefits. In this article, we'll explore three popular types of above-ground pool steps: Ladder and Steps Combos, Entry Systems, and Walk-In/Wedding Cake Steps. Understanding the differences and advantages of each can help you make an informed decision for your above ground swimming pool.

ladder and step combo icon  Ladder & Step Combo

Pool Ladder and Step Combos offer a convenient and space-saving solution for pool access. They provide a safe way to enter and exit a pool, typically including features like non-slip treads and sturdy handrails. These combos are accessible to people with mobility issues and disabilities, promoting inclusivity. Made from durable materials, they withstand the elements and handle regular use for many seasons. Available in various designs, they enhance a pool's aesthetic.

Some combos include additional features like LED lights or storage compartments to add functionality. Easy DIY installation makes them a breeze to put together, requiring no additional hardware.

entry system  Entry System

Above Ground Pool Entry Systems provide a safe and convenient way for users to enter and exit the pool. They typically feature sturdy handrails and anti-slip steps, ensuring safety, especially for children, the elderly, and those with limited mobility. These systems come in various configurations, such as A-frame Ladders, In-Pool Step Systems, and Flip-up Ladder Steps, catering to different pool sizes and layouts. Made from durable materials like resin, entry systems are built to last.

They also offer aesthetic value, with a range of designs and finishes to complement any pool or outdoor space. Easy to install with snap-together installation, these systems require minimal tools and expertise, making them a practical choice for enhancing pool accessibility without extensive installation costs. Overall, above ground pool entry systems combine safety, convenience, and customization, making them an ideal choice for pool owners seeking to improve their pool experience.

walk  Walk In/Wedding Cake Steps

Walk In or Wedding Cake Steps are a popular choice for above ground pools due to their attractive design and practical benefits. The tiered, curved steps resemble a wedding cake, adding a touch of elegance to the pool area. These steps are not just about looks; they also offer safety and convenience. With wide, gently sloping steps and often including handrails, they are easy and safe for swimmers of all ages and abilities to use.

They are made from durable materials like resin, Wedding Cake Steps are designed to last and withstand the rigors of regular use and exposure to pool chemicals. Installation is typically straightforward, requiring little to no tools or assembly. Some models even come with extra features like built-in lighting or storage.

Another advantage of Wedding Cake Steps is their versatility. They come in various sizes and configurations to fit different pool sizes and layouts. Additionally, their design makes them accessible for people with mobility issues or disabilities, promoting inclusivity in the pool area. Overall, Wedding Cake Steps combine style, safety, durability, and functionality, making them a popular choice for above-ground pool owners.

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