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Everything You Need To Know About Solar Covers

Blue Pool Solar Cover

At, our solar covers are categorized into “series” with a good, better, and best ranking system depending on heat retention and production levels. Varying from 800 to 1600, our covers vary in thickness the higher the series is. Solar covers can be used on their own or in conjunction with pool heaters to heat your pool throughout the season and keep it warmer longer! Below is a breakdown of our covers ranging in thickness and price. We also offer our series in clear and blue, each with its own benefits.



800 Series Cover

Our 800 series covers are a good starter cover for those looking to heat their pool in an affordable way while wanting to conserve energy. While this is the thinnest cover that we currently carry it will also be the lightest making it perfect for those who use solar cover reels and typically have a hard time putting on and taking off their covers.

1200 Series Cover

Our 1200 series cover is perfectly balanced with equal heat retention and absorbance of heat from the sun. It is thicker than our 800 series cover but is still affordable. Even after the sun is gone your pool will steal be heated and will have reduced chemical evaporation, in an environmentally friendly way.

1600 Series Cover

Our 1600 series cover is the thickest cover that we currently sell with superior heat retention to quickly heat your pool and keep it warm longer. Enjoy a comfortable swim in the day, evening, or late at night and still feel comfortable! We do not recommend using any solar reels with this cover due to its weight as it may be damaging to reels. As the thickest cover, it will capture and retain the most heat making it our highest price point cover. Although it is the highest price for our solar covers it is effective in reducing chemical loss caused by water evaporation and will save you money on chemicals monthly.


Tips: Spread your cover out on your water with the bubble side down. The solar cover’s bubbles keep your cover afloat while heating up your pool after absorbing the sun’s rays. If your solar cover hangs over the sides of your pool you can trim the excess with normal scissors to fit the shape of your pool, this will NOT void the warranty in any way. You can still run your pump while your solar blanket is on, but do not keep your cover on while swimming to protect your health and your cover!


Clear Vs Blue Covers

The overall purpose of a solar cover is to absorb heat energy into the air-filled bubbles and then transfer that heat into the water. The color of a solar cover can make a difference in how much light and heat your pool water is absorbing. We offer two different colors of our solar covers, blue and clear.

Clear Solar Covers

Clear Solar Covers

Clear solar covers allow more light to pass through and penetrate the water than blue covers. Light travels easier through clear covers causing them to absorb less heat than other colors. However, clear covers will heat your pool quicker than a blue cover. Due to UV light directly affecting water, this will cause chlorine levels near the water’s surface to change and you will have to manage your pool’s chemistry more frequently.

Blue Solar Covers

Blue Solar Covers

Light blue covers trap more heat in the pool than clear solar covers. While they do not heat water as quickly as a clear cover will they do block UV rays more effectively, which will conserve chlorine and other pool water chemicals. While a clear cover is convenient for heating your pool’s water quickly, a blue solar cover will insulate your pool better and save you some money on chemicals.

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