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How Do Clear Solar Covers Work?

Keeping a pool warm can be an expensive and constant battle all pool owners face. About 75% of a pool’s heat is lost through evaporation, meaning some of your most valiant efforts to heat your pool may just evaporate before your eyes. The costs of running a heater constantly can add up quickly, so we highly recommend investing in a Solar Cover!


Solar Cover 101

A Solar Cover is a plastic cover for your pool (which resembles bubble wrap) that lays across the surface of your pool. The solar cover’s design serves as an insulating layer which traps heat that would otherwise be escaping through evaporation, while simultaneously drawing in heat from sunlight. Good solar covers should have a focus on both heat production and retention.


Does Color Matter?

Blue Solar Cover  Clear Solar Cover

YES! Commonly, solar covers are found in clear and blue variants (sometimes even gray and black) which has lead to the debate of which color is most effective when it comes to heating pools. Naturally, dark colors absorb more heat than lighter colored objects.

This leads some people to believe that the darker-colored blue solar covers absorb more sunlight, thus creating a warmer pool. But these dark solar covers absorbing sunlight actually doesn’t help heat your pool!

Simply speaking, the more sunlight that your solar cover absorbs, the less sunlight/warmth that reaches your pool water. The less sunlight that reaches your pool water, the cooler your pool is. When purchasing a solar cover, a clear cover will provide the best quality.


Go Solar!

Solar Covers are important for not only maintaining a warm pool temperature but also maintaining a full wallet. The use of a solar cover can reduce your heating costs by up to 70%!

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