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How to Add an Air Pillow to Your Pool


Air pillows are a low-cost solution for preventing more costly damage to your pool during the winter season, such as pool walls splitting from ice damage. They are easy-to-install and extremely effective in both above ground and inground pools. Once installed the air pillow will then sit underneath your winter cover, creating an uneven surface for precipitation.


Required Items:

  • Air Pillow
  • Thin Rope
  • 2 Bricks or Heavy Weights (inground pool)
  • Shop-Vac or Air Blower
  • Conical Hose End Connection (Many automatic pool cleaners have these)



Step 1. Use your blower or shop vac to inflate your air pillow

Step 2. Fill the pillow between ½ & ¾ full to allow for expansion pressure

Step 3. Close the air pillow’s plug to seal

Step 4. Tie a long length of rope to one corner of the air pillow, then repeat on the opposite corner.

Step 5. Center the air pillow in the pool with the ropes on opposite sides

Step 6. Tie the rope to a brick or weight or if you have an above ground pool then the ropes can be secured in the pool’s supports on opposite sides.

Step 7. Place the weight far enough away to minimize slack on the rope. Repeat the process on the opposite side.



Greg The Pool Guy General Maintenance