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How to Deal with Critters in Your Pool

Swimming pools are a great way to relax and enjoy your free time in the summer. However, they have the potential to be quite deadly for any wildlife living in the area. Animals such as chipmunks, mice, lizards, and frogs can accidentally make their way into your pool and have no way of escaping. This will eventually lead them to a very tragic death by drowning. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way of keeping all the wildlife out of your pool all of the time, unless you have an indoor pool. We are going to discuss a few precautions you can take to either help the critters escape your pool or help prevent them from getting into it in the first place.


Many state and local codes already require that pool owners have a fence around their pool. If not, a fence can be a great way to help keep larger critters out of your pool by preventing them from getting near it in the first place. However, smaller critters would still be able to make their way through any gaps or openings in your fencing. Obviously, if you have an above ground pool you won’t have as much to worry about, but animals can still make their way up onto your deck and into your pool. Having a gate block the entrance to either your deck or pool can certainly help keep animals out of your above ground pool.      


Skamper-Ramp® (Standard Or Super Model Available)

skamper ramp

Climbing out of a swimming pool can be nearly impossible for animals, even those that know how to swim and are comfortable in the water. The Skamper-Ramp® attaches to the top of your pool and allows animals to use the ramp to safely and easily climb out. This will give animals a way out of your pool so they're no longer trapped and struggling to find a way out. It will certainly help prevent your household pets and any wildlife from drowning in your pool.  



FrogLog Ram

The FrogLog is similar to the Skamper-Ramp® besides the fact that it is much smaller and will not be of any use to larger animals. Designed specifically for smaller animals such as frogs, toads, mice, and chipmunks, it can be placed anywhere in your pool alongside the wall. The FrogLog is capable of floating and has a sandbag at the end of the ramp, holding everything right where it needs to be.


If you're ever out by your pool and spot an animal that's trapped, you can easily use your leaf net or rake to grab them right out of the pool and guide them to safety. Always make sure that you are using caution when you’re dealing with wild animals in order to avoid being bitten or causing them harm. Also, if you notice that you are continually finding critters in your pool day in and day out, you may want to consider creating a natural habit away from your pool that will attract wildlife. Creating a small body of water along with shelter and plants should be able to do the trick. This will help keep critters away from your pool and draw them towards their natural habitat.  

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