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Keep Your Pool Protected From Snow

Green Winter Pool Cover

We’ve had a rough winter over in Buffalo NY and the snow isn’t stopping anytime soon! If you’re like us you’ll have a ton of snow covering your pool. Winter covers can protect all different shaped pools including round, oval and rectangular, and come in either solid or mesh. At we are dedicated to keeping your pool safe during the pool season while also making sure that your covers hold up to the heavy and harsh winter. Listed below are three winter cover options that we provide here at

Buffalo Blizzard® Deluxe Winter Cover- Rated as a “good” pool cover on our good, better, best scale. This cover is an affordable but durable option for all inground pools, Kayak® and Fanta-Sea® pools. These covers are lightweight, making it easy for one person to put on and take off of their pool. Your pool will feel protected with a two-year full warranty and a 10-year limited warranty. Also available is our Deluxe Plus Winter Cover which has the same qualities as the Deluxe winter cover with an additional 4’ overhang.

Buffalo Blizzard® Supreme- Rated as our “better” pool cover on our good, better, best scale, this cover is made of durable triple laminated material that provides it extra strength against winter’s harsh elements such as ice and snow. With a 3-year full and 12-year limited warranty, this cover will hold up against rips and frays while lasting several pool seasons. Also available is our Supreme Plus Winter Cover which has the same qualities as the Supreme cover with an additional 4’ overlap.

Buffalo Blizzard® Ripstopper- Rated as our “best” and ultimate pool cover, this cover is built to last even if the cover gets a hole or puncture it will not fray, rip or tear! The cover is also reversible, with green on top and black on the reverse side. An additional 4’ of overlap material is included to compensate for the use of an air pillow and lower water levels.


What is a Micromesh Cover?

The Buffalo Blizzard® Mesh Winter Cover is different from the other covers above due to the fabric that allows melted snow and rainwater to flow through while catching unwanted debris and stopping it from falling into your pool. If you have heavily wooded areas surrounding your pool or even a tree or two in your backyard, this cover would be a good investment to prevent any leaves or branches from entering your pool and ruining your chemical levels or even potentially ripping the liner of your pool.

Why You Should Be Mindful of Snow

The addition of snow on top of your cover can be dangerous for your pool as well as your winter cover as well if it reaches a certain height. If you live in a climate that doesn’t normally get more than two feet of snow you will be comfortable with a reliable winter cover without having to worry about servicing it. Just make sure the water in your pool isn’t too low because if the water drains out the covers can tear or fall in without the support of the pool’s water. Pools in a colder climate and areas that accumulate several feet of snow will benefit from the use of cover pumps and air pillows.

Why Air Pillows and Cover Pumps Are Important

For above-ground pools, a cable and winch system is always included with our covers in order to secure it and keep it safe from high wind. However, you might need additional devices and tools in order to keep your winterized pool safe. Air pillows are designed to keep your pool’s water from freezing which causes it to put pressure on your pool’s walls; the pillows create surface tension which relieves the stress on your pool walls.

Cover Pumps are just as important as air pillows when all that snow melts and weighs heavy on your cover. Completely submersible a cover pump can remove the standing water from your winter cover to release any stress on the cover itself. Our Little Giant Pool Cover Pump is also equipped with low energy consumption so you don’t have to worry about energy costs while keeping your pool free of water.

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