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Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Your Dog

With temperatures on the rise and pool season in full swing, many pet owners like to invite their dogs to cool off in pools. Before giving your dog full access to your swimming pool, take a moment to brush up on some safety tips to avoid any accidents this summer.

Setting Boundaries

safety alarm

When opening your pool this season be sure that you have a way of blocking it off from pets and children when it’s not in use. If you’re unable to install a fence around your pool or would just like some extra security we recommend purchasing a pool alarm. We carry a wide range of pool alarms for both inground and above ground pools.


First-Time Swimmers

Many people assume that dogs are natural born swimmers and don’t require any training. However, depending on the dog and the breed, your dog might need a slow introduction to swimming. Start off with a kiddie pool to get them used to the water and see how they react. Never drop or force a dog into a swimming pool, as this could be both dangerous and traumatizing.


Getting In & Out of the Pool

skamper ramp

Depending on your pool’s entry system it might be wise to invest in a ramp that is specially designed for pets to get in and out of the pool easily. Check out the pet safety ramp Skamper-Ramp® which is our top pick for a pet entry system that protects pets and other critters from drowning by allowing them to get out of the water on their own.



Dealing with Pool Chemicals

While your dog is enjoying a leisurely swim in the pool make sure that they aren’t drinking the pool water and ingesting any chemicals. It’s also important to rinse your dog off after a swim to remove the pool water from their skin and fur.

Greg The Pool Guy Safety Tips