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Trend Alert! All About Semi Inground Pools

 The pool

What is a Semi Inground Pool?

A Semi Inground Pool is exactly what you’re imagining it to be, an above ground pool that is partially buried underground. These pools have gained popularity due to many reasons such as the customization, aesthetic and cost efficiency that comes along with semi inground pools.

What Makes a Semi Inground Pool Desirable?


There is so much potential that semi inground pools give to their buyer, these pools allow the buyer to choose how deep it is buried according to the look and feel of their backyard. The pool can be hardly buried, right up to the top or anywhere in-between; partially burying the pool allows it to be positioned in ways that a traditional pool cannot.


Entertain guests in a semi inground pools that will give you the aesthetic of an inground pool without sticking out as much as an above ground pool. You can landscape around semi inground pools by adding bricks stacked around the pool to give it a buried look or tune into your rustic side and decorate a deck that won’t be as tall as a traditional above ground pool.


The installation of semi inground pools is a bit more costly and difficult than an above ground pool, but they are much cheaper and easier than inground pools. In result of the simplified installation, more people will be able to afford a viable inground alternative without having to spend an arm and a leg.


Semi inground pools are less expensive than the traditional inground pool but more expensive than the typical above ground pool, the same goes for the installation costs of a semi inground pool as well. Any issues that you may run into with these pools will cost you the same ballpark number as fixing a maintenance issue with an above ground pool. If you’d like to save even more money you can install a semi inground pool on your own; of course, it’ll take time and plenty of effort but if you enjoy building your own DIY projects this could be an appealing task for you. 

The Verdict

You must decide if a semi inground pool matches your aesthetic and overall desires. These pools are a fun unique way of adding some flare and style to your backyard! However, before installing a semi inground pool check the local code to make sure you are not going against any regulations. Depending on how low you bury the pool and how far above the ground the top of your pool rests there will be new sets of guidelines; in the end your pool may be classified as an inground or above ground pool according to your local code.

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