Winter Storage Tips for Pool Toys and Accessories

Unfortunately, when it comes time to close our pools for the winter season, too often many people overlook the necessity for storing your pool accessories properly as well! Whether it's furniture that provides a pleasing aesthetic to your pool area or simply your child's favorite toy, let's look at some easy tips for storing these items safely this winter.

Floats and Toys

Dry Thoroughly

Make sure all Furniture, Toys, Floats, and anything that was poolside is completely dried and drained of any water before storage! Water damage will cause unnecessary wear and tear to all toys and floats. Inflatable toys and floats should be deflated and laid out flat to dry fully before storing in a cool, dry storage place.

Store Properly

Airtight Storage Containers are another invaluable investment for winter storage. Drastic changes in temperature (warm or cold) can damage floats and toys, keeping them in an airtight container helps maintain a fairly consistent temperature. Storage containers also prevent any damage that could potentially occur from household pets, clumsy people, or a number of other scenarios.

Pool Furniture

Store Appropriately for Furniture Material

Depending on your Furniture, the storage process will differ slightly. If you have Aluminum furniture you want to ensure that all water and moisture is removed by the first signs of cold weather. Cold weather can also be detrimental for Steel and Wicker furniture, as winter weather can cause rust and decay. However, wooden patio furniture should not be covered at all seeing as that would actually trap unseen moisture in the wood.

Furniture Accessories

Cushions, umbrellas, and the likes need to be brought inside and stored in a dry location for the winter. Products made of cloth-like materials are highly susceptible to mold and tears when left in winter climates. There you have it. Those are some the general things you need to know for your pool accessories this Winter. Storage is easy and it just requires pool owners taking a little bit of time to assure proper storage which will make for a long life for your pool accessories.

October 11th, 2016 Admin General Maintenance