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Winter Storage Tips for Pool Toys and Accessories

When it’s time to close our pools for the winter season it is important to also store all of our pool accessories as well! From furniture to floaties each item should be stored properly and safely so they can be enjoyed again next summer!

Drying Floats and Toys

Don’t think about storing that water gun or donut float without making sure it is completely dried and drained of any water before storage; laying these items out in the fleeting warm weather will dry them off in a day or use a towel to wipe them down. Any toys or floats that are blown up must be deflated before being left out to dry. Storing these items in a cool, dry storage place such as a garage or basement will protect them from all of the winter weather.

Storing Floats and Toys Properly

Another extra precaution to invest in for the winter season are airtight storage containers. Any drastic changes in temperature (both warm or cold) can damage your floats and toys; keeping your favorite pool items in an airtight container can help them maintain a fairly consistent temperature. By using these storage containers, you are creating an extra barrier between your pool accessories and the weather, pets, or a number of other scenarios.

Storing Pool Furniture

Depending on the type of furniture you own the storage process will vary.  Aluminum furniture will need to be dried of any water and moisture during the first signs of cold weather. Steel and wicker furniture are also threatened by cold weather as well; winter weather can cause these surfaces to rust and decay and overall shorten the lifespan of your furniture. Wooden patio furniture is an exception since if covered with unseen moisture it could be damaging to the wood.

Storing Furniture Accessories

Cushions, umbrellas, and other accessories need to be stored inside a dry location for the winter alongside your floats and toys. Chair cushions or other products made of cloth-like material are highly susceptible to mold if they absorb moisture in winter climates.

These general tips for storing your summer belongings during the cold winter season will help improve the overall lifespan of these accessories. Although it may take some time to deconstruct and store these items properly it will be worth it when you are able to use them next pool season!

Greg The Pool Guy General Maintenance