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Your Complete Guide For Swimming Pool Measurements

"Measure Twice, Order Once"

SmartLine Above Ground Swimming Pool

Hey, pool owners! Ever found yourself in a pickle trying to pick out the right-sized liner for your swimming pool? Let's talk pool sizes and why precision is your new best friend. Picture this: your pool is labeled with a specific size, but here's the kicker – manufacturers might be playing fast and loose with those numbers. We understand this may be confusing, but we’re here to help.  So, grab that tape measure, and let's ensure your pool gets the perfect fit it deserves!

For Round Pools: Start in the middle of your pool. Measure from one side of the inside wall to the other side. Don't measure from the top rail, but the actual wall of the pool. Make sure to measure from different directions to make sure the pool is a perfect circle.

above ground swimming pool

For Oval Pools: First, measure how long the oval is from one end to the other inside the walls. Then, find the middle of the oval and measure how wide it is from the inside wall to the inside wall.

For Rectangular Pools: First, use a tape measure to find out how long the area is by measuring from one side to the other inside the walls. Then, find the center of one of the walls and measure from side to side, always starting from the inside wall.

Measuring the Pool Wall Height: To make sure your pool wall is just right, especially if your pool is in the ground or on a hill, find a good place where you can see the whole wall, from the bottom to the top. Then, measure how tall the wall is from top to bottom.

As we mentioned, it’s important to note that some manufacturers undersize or oversize their swimming pools. Keep precision in mind when measuring your pool for a new liner.

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