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Bromine FAQs



Beach Ball Is bromine right for you? [open]
We recommend bromine if you have sensitive skin or eyes, have a hot tub, hate the smell of chlorine or have a hard time balancing your pH. As you decide, you should also consider that bromine degrades more quickly in the sunlight and is more expensive than chlorine. If you’re unwilling to pay for bromine’s higher cost or have a pool in a place without much shade, you may want to stick with chlorine or consider other alternatives. [Shop All Bromine]
Beach Ball Can I switch from chlorine to bromine? [open]
Switching from chlorine to bromine is easy. You just need to stop using chlorine and start using bromine tablets. If you have a chlorinator or tablet feeder, you should replace that so the two chemicals don’t come into contact. [Shop All Bromine]
Beach Ball What’s the ideal level of bromine? [open]
You want to keep your bromine level between 2 and 4 ppm. For spas, it should be slightly less at 1 to 3 ppm. [Shop All Bromine]
Beach Ball How can I test the bromine content of my pool or spa water? [open]
You can test your pool's bromine the same way you test the rest of your pool’s chemistry. You may need to purchase additional bromine testing strips if you’re current kit or strips don’t include a bromine test. [Shop All Testing Kits]
Beach Ball How often should I add bromine to my pool? [open]
For proper maintenance, you should add bromine to your pool every 5 to 7 days. For spas, you should add brome every 2 to 3 days. Testing should be done at least as frequently as you add bromine. Testing will allow you to gauge if your bromine levels have dipped and if you need to add more. [Shop All Bromine]
Beach Ball How much bromine should I add to my pool? [open]
This is determined by the size of your pool and the level of bromine. The rule of thumb is you should add 17 tablets, 1” in diameter, for every 10,000 gallons of water. For spas, we recommend adding 3 tablets for every 300 gallons.

As you add bromine to your water, you’ll want to make sure you’re checking the level of bromine already in your water to adjust accordingly. [Shop All Bromine]
Beach Ball How many gallons does my pool hold? [open]
You’ll need to find the volume of your pool. Here’s a quick formula you can use:

Length x Width x Average Depth x Multiplier = Volume in Gallons
  • Multiplier for rectangular and square pools is 7.5
  • Multiplier for oval pools is 6.7
  • Multiplier for round pools is 5.9
Note: All measurements should be in feet, including the depth. For above ground pools, assume that the water depth is 6” less than the wall height, so if your pool is 48”, assume the depth is 3.5’, and for a 52” pool, use 4’.

If math isn’t for you, take a look of the chart below featuring common pool sizes and how many gallons of water each size holds.

Swimming Pool Gallons Swimming Pool Gallons

For more help with calculating your pool size, visit our blog, How to Calculate the Number of Gallons in Your Pool.
Beach Ball Can I shock my bromine pool with chlorine shock? [open]
You can! You can shock a bromine pool with chlorine or chlorine-free shock to break down contaminants or kill bacteria. This is done just like in a chlorine pool — but without worrying about the breakpoint chlorine level. Chlorine shock can also be used as an algaecide since bromine lacks those properties. [Shop All Shock]

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide BROMINE

Bromine is a sanitizer and oxidizer sometimes used with or instead of chlorine. Although it is more expensive, bromine is more pH stable, emits less odors and is gentler on eyes, skin and pool surfaces. Due to its stability and effectiveness in hot water, bromine is also the most common sanitizer used in spas.

Beach Ball Just Add Bromine Tablets [open]
The bromine we carry at comes in 1” tablets that are dissolved in water. Most commonly, they are placed in an automatic feeder to dissolve over time, but they can be placed in your skimmer system. It should be noted that bromine dissolves slower than chlorine and degrades faster is the sun, making it difficult to quickly raise the level. [Shop All Bromine]
More Questions?
If you have more questions about using bromine in your pool or spa or are still unsure what to purchase, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.