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Pool Winterizing FAQs



Beach Ball What closing kit should I get? [open]
The best way to decide what kit to get is by looking at what chemicals you already have. This will determine what you need. For example, if you already have shock laying around, we recommend getting a closing kit without shock.

If you want to be extremely thorough with your closing, consider the Premium Kit, which includes stain out and floating dispensers with borax tablets. These will help add an extra algae-fighting defense and help you open to crystal clear water.

If you have a salt water pool, you may want to consider getting a salt water closing kit. If you want to save a few bucks, a chlorine kit will effectively do the job without damaging your pool or system.
Beach Ball How do I determine how many gallons my pool is? [open]
You’ll need to find the volume of your pool. Here’s a quick formula you can use:

Length x Width x Average Depth x Multiplier = Volume in Gallons
  • Multiplier for rectangular and square pools is 7.5
  • Multiplier for oval pools is 6.7
  • Multiplier for round pools is 5.9
Note: All measurements should be in feet, including the depth. For above ground pools, assume that the water depth is 6” less than the wall height, so if your pool is 48”, assume the depth is 3.5’, and for a 52” pool, use 4’.

If math isn’t for you, take a look of the chart below featuring common pool sizes and how many gallons of water each size holds.

For more help with calculating your pool size, visit our blog, How to Calculate the Number of Gallons in Your Pool.
Beach Ball Should I use chlorine shock or non-chlorine shock? [open]
This is a widely debated question. Over the course of the winter, chlorine can be harsh on your pool’s surface, but it effectively kills any bacteria that may linger over the course of the season. Since non-chlorine shock is available and as effective as chlorine shock, it comes down to personal preference.

If you do decide to use chlorine shock before you close your pool, it’s best to do it about a week before you close your pool. If you do it closer to when you’re closing your pool, the chlorine can break down algaecide and other chemicals.

And if you chose to use a non-chlorine shock, you may want to consider adding an algaecide while closing to further kill lingering bacteria and work to prevent algae growth. We recommend Rx Clear® 50% Pool Algaecide; it’s heat activated, remaining dormant until the spring, making it effective closer to when it’s time to open your pool again.

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Beach Ball Do I need to balance my water before adding in the winter chemicals? [open]
Yes, you want to balance your pool about a week before you plan on closing. You want to balance according to the instructions on your kit, looking at pH, alkalinity, chlorine and calcium hardness.

For more information on how to balance your pool, visit our blog, How to Balance Pool Water. [Shop All Testing Supplies]
Beach Ball The chemicals are in and my pool is closed. Am I done for the season? [open]
Even with your pool closed for the season, you’ll want to check your pool water’s balance and check for signs of staining and scaling. When weather permits, you’ll be able to adjust as necessary to help create an easy opening.

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide WINTERIZING KITS

Properly closing your pool for the winter is essential to keeping your pool safe and clean, ready for opening in the spring. With so many chemicals to choose from, it’s difficult to avoid getting lost in the sea of information and to know what you need to care for your pool.

A winter closing kit helps to make getting the right chemicals easier. We offer several different kits that include several different things: powder and liquid winterizers, Alka-Plus pH Powder, All-in-One Shock X-Tra, winter powder and winter stain out.

Get the kit that includes the chemicals you need, and select the option with the proper gallon size for your pool. When you start closing your pool, be sure to carefully follow the instructions for the kit and its components. Run the pump as you add each chemical to help circulate and distribute.
More Questions?
At, we offer a variety of chemical kits to fit your needs and the size of your pool. If you have any more questions about what you need to close your pool, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.

For more information on winterizing your pool and using our winter kits, visit our blog and video, Winterize Your Pool the Right Way with Winter Closing Kits.