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InGround Swimming Pool Liners FAQs



Beach Ball How do I know if I need a new liner? [open]
Eventually a patch won’t cut it, and you’ll need to purchase a new liner. The sun’s UV rays damage your liner over time and the chemicals you pour in your pool will slowly cause cracking and tearing, making the liner brittle and weak. Expansion and contraction while damage your liner due to the seasons naturally changing, this creates the oppportunities for leaks to appear. Above all, old age weighs on your liner. Fading and staining happen naturally over time due to the liner's exposure to the sun and harsh elements, so you may want a new liner that makes your eyes pop a lot more than your old one..

If all these factors have come together and you can’t just put a patch on it, it’s time to get a new liner. [Shop All Inground Liners]
Beach Ball How do I place my liner order? [open]
Start by filling out our detailed measuring form. If you want a quote right away, you can complete our Instant Quote Online Form. Choose what pattern you will want for your inground pool's liner to ensure that it is available. When that decision is made, contact our product specialist at 1-800-356-3025 to get an estimate and an order started.

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide INGROUND LINERS

With so many different options to choose from, from the myriad of patterns to unique sizing, sell our inground liners on a custom order basis. This allows you to get the pattern and thickness you want in a perfect fit!

Start by looking over our numerous pattern options which are available in several different gauges. Once you decide on the material, complete our detailed Measuring Form with the help of our Measuring Guide. On the Measuring Form, you’ll be asked to label what type of bead style you need the liner to be. With that complete, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-828-7830 to get you started with a quote.
Beach Ball Wall Attachment Style [open]
Most inground pools accept standard beads, making them almost universal for inground pools. They’re also easy to install since they slip right into the bead receiver. The standard bead isn’t entirely universal however, some brands of pools may require a brand-specific bead type.
Beach Ball Picking a Pattern [open]
We have dozens of patterns options to fit your style. Pick the pattern that fits your aesthetic and will match the look you want for your backyard. Pattern comes down to personal preference but it can be helpful to note that darker liners will attract more heat than lighter liners but they will fade more over time from sun and chlorine. A swirling pattern has its own set of benefits such as masking dirt better. [Shop All Inground Liners]
Beach Ball Liner Gauge [open]
You’ll want to consider the thickness — or gauge. While all liners are made of vinyl, they have different thicknesses. The higher the gauge, the thicker it will be. Durability also depends on the gauge as well; you may want to go with the thickest liner, however it will be much more expensive. It’s best to pick the thickest gauge that fits within your budget. [Shop All Inground Liners]
Beach Ball Measure, Measure, Measure [open]
Inground pools appear in many different shapes and sizes, with or without steps, some with rounded corners, some with sharp edges. All of these minor details and differences lead to a more intensive measuring process to create a custom fit perfect for your pool.

To help, we have a complete measuring guide. This will walk you through measuring your pool style and shape. [Shop All Inground Liners]
More Questions?
If you’re still unsure of what liner to get or have more questions, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.