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Pool Leaf Net Covers FAQs



Beach Ball Why should I use a leaf net cover? [open]
If you hate finding leaves and other debris that sneak past your solar or winter cover then you’ll see how much leaf covers will help with this issue. Depending on the environment your pool is in the leaf net cover can prevent your cover from potential damage from falling debris such as sticks and other harmful things that are blown into your pool throughout the season. [Shop Leaf Net Covers]
Beach Ball Can I leave my leaf net cover on my pool all winter long? [open]
It depends on what area you live in, if you rarely see snow during the winter then you can leave your leaf net cover on your pool all season long. However, if you live in an area with heavy snowfall then you’ll want to take the leaf cover off before it starts. The snow can weigh down your cover and will cut down its life if it is not taken off after most of the leaves have fallen.

After the snow is gone, consider putting your leaf cover back on to catch any blooming that comes along with the spring season. [Shop Leaf Net Covers]
Beach Ball Do I have to put a winter cover under my leaf net? [open]
If you aren’t planning to fully close your pool for the winter season, a leaf net cover is a great addition to your pool to help make maintenance easier. When placed over a winter cover, the leaf net can help keep your cover pump from getting clogged by leaves. If you choose to not fully close your pool during the winter season then a leaf net on its own can catch leaves and other debris but any snow will still get through it. [Shop Leaf Net Covers]
Beach Ball How do I install a leaf net cover on my above ground pool? [open]
Before placing a leaf cover onto your pool, the water level should be below the edge of the swimming pool. Similar to installing your winter cover, it’s secured with a cable and winch. Instead of having your cover rest on the water’s surface, the leaf net will be pulled straight across with a space of air between it and the water.

For more help installing your cover, visit our blog, How to Install a Leaf Net Cover on an Above Ground Pool. [Shop Leaf Net Covers]
Beach Ball How do I install a leaf net cover on my inground pool? [open]
Placing a leaf cover on an inground pool is similar to installing your winter cover. Start by draping your leaf net over your winter cover, then secure it with water bags to hold it down.

For more help installing your cover, visit our blog, How to Install a Leaf Net Cover for an Inground Pool. [Shop Leaf Net Covers]

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide LEAF NET COVERS

Whether it’s spring, fall, winter or even the dead of summer, leaves always seem to find their way into the pool. Using a leaf net cover over your winter cover makes dealing with pesky leaves a breeze and prevents them from clogging your cover pump. They are especially good for heavily wooded areas but are beneficial to almost any pool.

Leaf net covers are made of a tight mesh. With holes that are only a ¼” wide, they’re small enough to keep debris from falling through. They also have an overhang of 3’ for round and oval pool and 4’ for rectangular pools to help secure the cover.

While they can be easily used any time of year, they’re most commonly used during the months your pool is closed, placed over a winter cover.

To clear away the leaves, carefully fold your cover up as you take it off. Then you’ll be able to shake them away and clean it off. If it sits smoothly above your pool, dried leaves may blow right off without assistance.
More Questions?
If you still have questions about leaf net covers or need help ordering, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.