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Rx Clear® Chlorine Free Pool Shock


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The Rx Clear® Chlorine-Free Shock improves pool and spa water quality without the risk of bleaching vinyl liners. This oxidizing shock treatment is made up of 36.2% Potassium Monopersulfate and is free of calcium and chlorine. The soluble formula replaces super chlorination & destroys irritating and odorous chloramines in your water.

Chlorine-Free Shock replaces super chlorination and destroys irritating and odorous chloramines. It won't bleach vinyl, improves your water quality, and allows you to swim sooner. Regular use of this product will oxidize most of the organic contaminants that result from bather load, skin, mucous, urine, cosmetics, leaves, and windblown matter.

These contaminants react with Free Chlorine and form Combined Chlorine, which is a form of chlorine that is ineffective as a pool water sanitizer. This product will also react with any non-living contaminates, which exert a chlorine or bromine demand and regular use will ensure that the sanitizer used to disinfect the pool water will remain in the pool in its "free" and "active" form.

Note: This product is not a sanitizer or an algaecide. For routine disinfection, use an EPA Registered Product according to label directions.

How to Use:

  • For the initial treatment, add this product at the rate of 2 lbs per 10,000 gallons of water, in order to ensure breakthrough oxidation
  • Subsequent treatment for normal bather load should be made once a week at a rate of 1 lb per 10,000 gallons of water
  • For heavily contaminated pools, more frequent treatment may be required

How to Apply:

Broadcast the required amount of this product uniformly over the surface of the pool water, adding 2/3's of the total dose over the deep end of the pool. Run the circulation system for at least 12 hours to ensure proper distribution. For best results, apply this product when no swimmers are in the pool, preferably at night.

For Spas:

Apply 2 ounces of this product (3 tablespoons) per 500 gallons of water weekly. Add more often if the bathing load is heavy. Sprinkle the product over the spa water surface while the circulation pump is in use. This product works best when added to the spa after bathing.

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