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A solar cover’s heating power comes from the air bubbles lined along the lower surface, which collect the heat from the sun’s UV rays and transmits it into the swimming pool. While many consumers may believe that all solar cover bubbles are created equal, bubble shape can have a big...

As with swimming pools themselves, safety is an important factor when dealing with solar covers, especially for families with small children or pets.By following a few tips, you can ensure that your solar cover provides your pool with benefits instead of risks. 

While most solar covers are available in standard round, oval and rectangular shapes, not all swimming pools match these basic structures. Thankfully, it does not require any fancy equipment to get the perfectly-shaped solar cover for your pool.

Solar covers provide more benefits to the average pool owner than one may initially believe. When used safely, a solar cover does a lot more than add a bubble wrap aesthetic to your backyard. The number of advantages these covers off is quite plentiful. 

Solar covers provide an effective and affordable heating solution for your pool during the summer. These covers can keep your pool temperature regulated while also creating a barrier to keep debris out of your pool. There are many options to choose from when it comes to solar covers which may confuse you at the start. Keep in mind your preferences, price range and the overall strength you would like your cover to have. Below is a chart that starts with the Mil which is the unit of measurement for thickness of solar covers. The nine covers listed are those that we sell, each cover has different qualities and is measured on the chart from one to six stars.