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5 Signs That It's Time to Open Your Pool

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It’s starting to get dark later, the sun is showing itself more and the temperature is rising. Now is the time to start questioning if the weekend will be warm enough to open your pool for the season. There’s always benefits and disadvantages to opening your pool two early or too late in the season. To save you some time and money we have created a few signs to look out for when it seems like time to open your pool!

Freezing Temperatures No More!

Mother Nature really likes to throw us a curve ball or two when entering the spring season. It all depends on the weather in your area; make an educated decision based on the month, the environment, forecast for the next two weeks and whether or not you will be adding a pool heater to your pool this year. If you live in a warmer climate such as Florida you may be able to open your pool by the end of February but if you live in New York you may be waiting till June to open your pool. You could open earlier with the help of a pool heater if you are willing to pay a higher electric bill.

Goodbye Snow, Hello Grass

If the leaves on the trees are coming back and your yard is starting to grow then it’s a sign to open your pool! If the warm temperature is allowing your grass to grow, then it is also warm enough for algae to start growing. Getting rid of algae when it appears is a huge pain; even with a cover on your pool the sunlight can still come through the cracks and seams allowing algae to grow without you even knowing. You’ll be using up a lot of time and algaecide to rid yourself of the buildup or you can always open your pool and get the water circulating before the algae has a chance to grow.

Pollen is Appearing

Depending on where you live pollen may begin to appear in large quantities. You may see clumps of pollen on the sidewalk or even gathering on windshields as you pass down the street; imagine those piles of pollen coming into contact with your stagnant pool. Since pollen doesn’t move, you’ll have a lot of work on your hands if you allow it to start piling up. To avoid any unnecessary pollen cleanup, open your pool before it begins appearing so your filtration system can do most of the work.

Planning Out Your Parties

You’ll have to plan ahead if you want to host a Memorial Day Party or if you have a special birthday coming up. You’ll need to give yourself time to open your pool after taking the cover off for the season; to avoid any stress you’ll want to open your pool at least three weeks before you plan on swimming in it. After you take off your pool cover, you’ll notice that you’ll have to add a lot of different pool chemicals to get the water back to blue and stable enough to allow anyone to swim in it.

Excited to Swim as Long as Possible

It comes down to how long you will want to mind swimming in your pool. If you want your pool to start early then open up your pool and get the party started! You don’t want to open a pool when it is still snowing or freezing temperatures outside so wait until there is no more of either. Your water may be cold at first but a pool heater has the ability to warm it right up! If you have no special plans or just want to hold off until the weather is a bit warmer then you can hold off on opening your pool for now; you will have plenty time this summer to enjoy your pool!


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