8 Steps to Opening Your Pool

It’s that time of year again! Time to open up your pool for this upcoming spring/summer season! As a pool owner, Spring opening is the most exciting time of year. We are here to help guide you through the proper ways to open your pool to make sure it’s ready for use. Keep in mind these opening tips will be helpful for both above ground pools and inground pools. Let’s get started!

      1. Clean off your winter pool cover!

It is important to clean off your winter pool cover to clear it of any debris such as dead leaves. While doing this you should use a broom that is soft to ensure you do not damage your pool cover. After you remove your pool cover, try and find a flat spot to lay out your pool cover to clean any hard to reach areas of the cover!

      2. Store your winter pool cover properly!

It is now time to store your winter pool cover. This works best with a partner due to the size of most pool covers. The easiest way to do this is to have someone on either end of the pool cover, you then want to start folding the cover back and forth on itself. Be sure before folding the pool cover up to inspect it for any damage or any signs that you may potentially need a new pool cover for the next winter season!

       3. It’s time to skim!

This is the easiest step on our list! It is essential to skim your pool to clear it of any large debris. Extra cleaning will come later on but for now the most important part is to get all the large debris out of the pool due to the fact that these large debris could potentially block your filtration system when you turn it back on.

        4. Put back the essential accessories for your pool!

This is where above ground pools and inground pool openings may differ. If you have an above ground pool there is a chance you may have a adjustable ladder for easy entry and exit from the pool. Or for an inground pool you may have removed your diving board for the winter. These accessories are now all clear to be reinstalled!

       5. Adjust your water level!

It is normal over the time period of the winter months to lose a few inches or more of water due to evaporation. Of course this means you will have to add water. It is essential to add water first before you treat your pool with chemicals. This is important because if you treat your pool with chemicals FIRST then add water your balance of chemicals will be off causing you to have to balance your pool twice!

       6.  Operate your pump and filter!

Once you turn on your pump and you can hear water begin to travel through, this means that your pump is now primed! Make sure to double check your filter just incase it has any excess build up or debris on it.

        7. Check the chemical balance of your pool!

This is the most important step to make sure your pool is ready for summer! After you use a testing kit to figure out the chemical balance of your pool make sure to adjust it to the proper levels to make sure your pool is always looking clean!

         8. Shock your pool!

The term “Pool Shock” may give you a chuckle at first but we promise it is a incredibly important step to ensure your pool is usable. It’s called shocking the pool because the level of chlorine is raised to high enough level where everything is oxidized! This helps kill algae, bacteria, while also keeping your water crystal clear!

Once the chlorine levels of your pool have leveled out you are now free to enjoy your pool as you wish! If you were apprehensive about making the right steps while opening your pool we hope this helps guide you through the proper way to open up your pool!

April 14th, 2019 Admin How-to Guides