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A Comprehensive Guide for That Perfect Pool Liner

Hey there! So, you're all set to spruce up your pool with a new liner for your above-ground swimming pool, but wait up! Before you dive in, let's figure out which liner is the perfect fit for your pool. Don't worry, it's not as tricky as it sounds.

Step 1: Know Your Pool's Size

First and foremost, let's get acquainted with your pool's dimensions. Accurate measurements are key to selecting the right liner. Need guidance on measuring your pool precisely? Check out our recent blog post, "Your Complete Guide For Swimming Pool Measurements."

Step 2: Explore Liner Styles

Liners come in various styles, each tailored to fit your pool uniquely. Here's the breakdown:

  • Beaded Liner: Featuring a welded strip along the top lip, this liner snugly fits into the Bead Receiver.


  • J-Hook Liner: Picture a strip with a hook shape at the top, it hangs onto the top of the pool wall just like a hook.


  • Unibead Liner:The Unibead bead is actually both a J-hook & standard bead. To use as a J-hook simply slip bead over the pool wall. To use as a standard bead the hook portion is removed at the score mark (groove) leaving only the standard bead which clips into the groove on the bead receiver.



  • Overlap Liner:With extra material hanging over the pool wall, installation is a breeze—simply pinch it in place with flat or round coping.



Step 3: Align the Liner with Your Pool's Shape

Now, let's match your new liner with your pool's shape. Whether it's round, oval, or rectangular, there's a perfect liner waiting for you. Pay special attention to the following for rectangular pools:


Rectangle Pools:

If you're the proud owner of a rectangular pool like a Kayak or Fanta-Sea Pool, opt for a Standard Bead. Our liners are tailored for Kayak Pools® manufactured between 1977-2000.

Before you dive into replacing your liner, always measure twice before placing your order. This ensures a flawless fit on the first go. “Measure Twice, Order Once”!


For reference, see these diagrams;


For deeper insights, dive into our liner FAQ’s! Happy swimming! 🏊‍♂️🌊


**Kayak® and Kayak Pools® are trademarks of Kayak Pool Corporation. is not affiliated with Kayak Pool Corporation or Kayak Pools®. Parts manufactured for, or purchased from, are warranted by or the manufacturer.

**Please note that our above-ground swimming pool liners are not intended for Intex pools.

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