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Heat Your Pool During the Winter Season

Swimming Pool In The Winter & Snow

For some of us, the winter season means closing our pools and waiting for the pool season to begin again. For others it means dipping your toes in a colder pool and wishing you had warmer weather and water. Well, what if you can keep your pool warm and extend your pool season at the same time? At we have several options for pool heater including those powered by solar, gas and electric. Listed below will be a variety of our heaters that can help keep your pool warm in a cost affordable way so that you can enjoy your pools for weeks longer than before and the benefits of using a heater.


Why Get a Pool Heater?

A pool heater will not only extend your swimming season but also allow you to swim later in the day as the nights often get colder! Take advantage of your pool with this valuable investment that will pay itself off for several years to come. You may need to occasionally service this piece of pool equipment but it ensures longevity and the happiness that comes with stepping in a warm pool.


Solar Heaters

The biggest advantage of using solar heaters is that sunlight costs nothing to use! Your investment mainly goes towards purchasing the machine and setting it up since once that is complete it will collect heat free of charge. A solar heater is a great solution if you don’t like monthly utility expenses from your pool heater. If you are also eco-conscious this heater helps cut down emissions and further protect the planet from any negative environmental impact after installation.

Sun2Solar® Deluxe Solar Heater

Sun2Solar® Deluxe Solar Heater

This heater is solar energy-fueled and easy to install without gas or heat connections. This is ideal to use with above-ground and most inground pools, with the option of connecting multiple heaters to increase heating efficiency. 


Gas Heaters

By using natural gas, this choice of heaters tends to heat pools quickly by sending water through piping and into a chamber where gas is housed. After the water is heated to its desired level it is sent back to the pool. If you live in a cooler climate and don’t want to wait long for the pool to heat up this will be the best option for you. You won’t have to take into consideration if the sun will be strong enough that day to power your heater; the heater will be able to keep your pool at the desired temperature regardless of the weather. Keep in mind your pool size will affect the size of your pool heater.

Raypak® Pool & Spa Heater: Model 156A (Natural Gas Or Propane)

Raypak® Pool & Spa Heater: Model 156A

The Raypak® Pool & Spa Heater is polyester coated and non-corrosive and is a perfect choice for larger above-ground pools, spas and in-ground pools. No need to worry about the weather, this unit can perform uninterrupted regardless of leaves, wind, airborne debris, rain, sleet, or snow. Using digital controls this model will handle any safety functions as well as electronic ignition and flame supervision.


Electric Heater

Electric Heaters are more energy and cost-efficient way to run your pool. By using a heat pump air is pulled in and then heated in the compressor, that heat warms up the pool water that is passing through the system at that time. You will have to consider operating costs when choosing the best pool heater for your pool and your needs. As the months get colder you will have to run your electric heater more often, raising operating costs.

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