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Pros and Cons of a Saltwater Pool

Swimming pool with hot tub


Less Chlorine

Believe it or not saltwater pools still use a bit of chlorine to keep it clean, but significantly less then what a traditional chlorine pool uses. Saltwater pools convert salt to chlorine by using a chlorine generator. The big plus side of saltwater pools is that the negative impacts of the chlorine are minimized.

Overall Comfortability

The water from a saltwater pool will feel more comfortable and refreshing for your skin than a typical chlorine filled pool, in turn your eyes will be less irritated and your skin less itchy and bothersome. The removal of a significant amount of chlorine also means less risk since the chemical can be potentially difficult and hazardous to handle. Storing chlorine or mishandling it can result in injury so the minimalization of this chemical in your pool can relax you and potentially keep you safer.

Low Maintenance

A saltwater pool is typically less tedious to maintain than a traditional pool. Instead of having to test your pool for different chemicals you will use a chlorine generator that will monitor and adjust to your pool’s needs. Of course, this will need general upkeep such as checking the chemical levels on a prescheduled date to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Low Maintenance

A saltwater pool is typically far less tedious to maintain than a traditional pool is. The chlorine generator will monitor and adjust your pool as need be. All you'll have to  do is check the chemical levels at a prescheduled date to make sure everything is as it should be and that your generator is working properly. The constant battle of checking your pool and keeping it balanced is simplified and almost completely eliminated.


Salt Damage

Salt may be good for your skin and more comfortable overall, but it can become harmful and corrosive when it comes into contact with any pool equipment, plants and soil. This causes these objects and others such as pool lighting, ladders and liner to be changed on more of a frequent basis. When washing your pool this can cause the water to spread and have a negative impact on nearby plants and soil so consider where you are building the pool relative to your yard.

Excess Electricity

The chlorine generator that we spoke about above to produce enough chlorine throughout prolonged period of time which will use more electricity. The generator will only produce chlorine when it is turned on so turning it off and on over and over again is not a smart idea.


Saltwater pools are seen as less common but more valuable, so installation costs could be a few thousand more than a traditional pool. You won’t however have to keep constantly bottles and bottles of products which will save you money overall. When something breaks or can no longer be used you won’t be able to troubleshoot the pool on your own as people do with traditional pools. The specific issues will need to be solved by an expert which can also be quite expensive but you will face less issues all around for these types of pools.


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