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We have grown to have a firmer understanding over the years of chemicals and how they react and work with each other. Knowing the dangers that germs and bacteria present for pools helps us prevent the spread of those germs; sanitization is one way of preventing your pool from becoming contaminated through the use of chlorine. Listed below are the benefits of using chlorine in the pool.

Cleaning your pool can be defined in numerous ways; however, some approaches may be more effective than others but at the end of the day having a clean pool will expand its life! Below are different steps and guidelines to follow in order to create and maintain a clean pool.

As a pool owner, you take pride in seeing your pool clean and as inviting as possible. Having a clean pool makes everyone feel comfortable sticking their feet into it and clearing the pool from any debris and dirt will make the pool overall healthier. A pool cover can prevent any of these pesky materials from taking over your pool.

We can never avoid a few rainy days in the summer. The extra water that is accumulated from rain can result in a change of chemistry. A pool can become unsanitary due to the algae and other debris that are carried along with rain drops and deposited in the pool. Since algae spores are constantly floating throughout the air and be carried by the wind it is common for them to seek out damp places with standing water, making your pool a perfect target.

In the summer the swimming pool is where family and friends relax and cool off during the hottest days. A pool however, is an investment for any person. Not only does it take money to upkeep your pool, but also time. Being a pool owner means maintaining your pool, but with the help of the proper pool pump your water can stay clean, crystal clear and inviting for all of your guests. There are many factors to consider when selecting a pump for your pool and many decisions to be made, listed below are some things to keep in mind when selecting the right pump for you.

Opening your pool for the spring/summer season can be exciting, but it can also cause some stress if a pool owner doesn’t know the proper steps for opening their pool. We hope to help guide you through the proper steps of opening your pool with this guide! These tips can be helpful for inground and above ground pool owners, so here we go!

When it’s time to close our pools for the winter season it is important to also store all of our pool accessories as well! From furniture to floaties each item should be stored properly and safely so they can be enjoyed again next summer!

Summer is over and winter is coming! We want you to be prepared; winterizing your pool and properly storing your accessories are important but what about all the chemicals and supplies you’ve bought this summer? Properly storing your chemicals will make it easier when you are opening your pool next spring, but more importantly it will keep you and your family safe during the winter!