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What can be more enjoyable than taking a refreshing dip in your pool on a hot summer day? Pool floats are a great way to take advantage of those days by enhancing the enjoyment you are going to get out of your pool.

Natural swimming pools are a beautiful and organic way to enjoy your backyard year-round. This alluring European trend began in the 1980’s and is slowly, but surely becoming more popular in the United States.

A beautiful swimming pool can be a great centerpiece for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy throughout the warmer months of the year. However, swimming pools have a way of collecting debris and harboring all sorts of pathogens that can negatively impact your health.

When preparing to close your swimming pool for the winter, one of the most important steps is to winterize your pool plumbing. While it can be often overlooked, there is a lot of potential for damage to your pipes, mainly from ice. When ice freezes, it expands, and if it is inside your plumbing, that expansion pressure can do a lot of damage over the course of a few months.

Lowering your swimming pool’s water level can be an important part of protecting your pool and its equipment while the pool is closed down for the winter. To prepare for winter closing, drain your pool so the water level is 4″ below the pool’s wall skimmer. 

Pool closing for the season can be a daunting task requiring a lot of supplies. We’ve assembled a list of what you may need to get your pool closed properly and safely protected during the winter months.  

With the exception of overlap liners, all above-ground pool liners come with some sort of connector known as a liner bead. Liner beads are reinforced strips of stiff vinyl that are attached to the top of the pool liner, which connect the liner to the top of your swimming pool wall. The most common bead types are the Standard Bead and the J-Hook. But have you ever heard of a Unibead liner? Our video explains the benefits of the Unibead liner below.

Chemicals are used to keep your swimming pool’s water clear and clean. Water, when left stagnate and untreated over long periods of time, is prone to developing bacteria, mold and algae.  A mixture of pool chemicals prevent this from happening and keep your water ready for healthy swimming.