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8 Pool Products That Make Owning a Pool Easier

For first-time pool owners, the process of opening the pool, performing maintenance, and closing the pool may seem overwhelming. From learning about the different types of chemicals to keeping the pool free from debris; owning a pool can be a time-consuming process. This is why we have composed a list of great pool products that have been designed to make life easier and help you spend more time enjoying your new pool. These products are also great for experienced pool owners!  


Pool Chemical Kits

Deluxe Spring Opening Pool Chemical Kit

Not sure what chemicals that you need in order to open and close your swimming pool? Then the Spring Opening Pool Kits and Winter Closing Kits are the perfect solutions. These kits come in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate how many gallons are in your pool.      



AquaChek® TruTest Digital Pool Chemical Test Strip Reader 2.2 


Save time and money with this simple and accurate pool test strip reader that will provide you with insights about your pools pH, chlorine, and total alkalinity. This product will take the guesswork out of reading your test strips. Simply dip the test strip into your pool or spa and then insert that same strip into the reader - receive digital results in seconds!


Hayward® Aquabug Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Hayward Aquabug

This automatic pool cleaner for above ground pools will provide you with an easy and trouble-free operation. Working with your existing filtration system there is no need to replace debris bags and there is no extra energy-consuming booster pump required. Quiet, effective, and adorable, these Aqua Critters® come at an affordable price and prove their worth all season long.



Pool Blaster® Pool Pouch

Pool Blaster® Pool Pouch

Keep all of your floats, toys, and pool accessories organized with this handy pool punch that is perfect for hanging from walls, fences, and gates.



Swimways ® Therma Spring Solar Mats

Swimways ® Therma Spring Solar Mat

As a solar cover alternative, these solar mats will warm up your pool with style! They are portable and convenient and will help reduce evaporation and heating costs. They come equipped with twist-and-fold Spring Float® technology and offer attractive styling that will coordinate with your backyard's decor. Pool Size    # of Rings 18 ft. Round    10 24 ft. Round    15 12 ft. x 24 ft.    12 15 ft. x 30 ft.    19 20 ft. x 40 ft.    33





With the patented delivery system, you'll never have to worry about measuring or storing your swimming pool chemicals again. AquaPill's come in a wide variety such as clarifiers, degreasers, pool maintenance kits, and winter closing kits.



Cover Catch™

Cover Catch™

The Cover Catch™ is designed to allow for the quick collection of leaves and debris that collect on top of your swimming pool cover. This product comes with a weighted poolside deck plate with a mesh net that makes it easy to sweep or hose debris straight into the net. Perfect for both solar covers or traditional pool covers!      



Grease Monkey Pool & Spa Scum & Oil Remover

Grease Monkey Pool & Spa Scum & Oil Remover

The Grease Monkey Pool & Spa Scum & Oil Remover is designed to absorb the surface oils and scum that naturally accumulate in your swimming pool due to pollen, suntan lotion, and body oils. It has been designed to absorb up to 45x its weight in surface oils and will help prevent staining in your pool or spa. This chemical-free product will work on most pools for an entire season and will also help extend the length of filtering cycles. Find all of these products and more at our online superstore Also be sure to follow us on social media for more pool tips, how-to videos, and to stay updated on promotions.