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Pool Games to Keep the Kids Busy All Summer

Aqua Toss II

Aqua Toss

Now everyone can get in the game! The portable Aqua-Toss II is the first football game developed specifically for backyards with smaller-sized in-ground pools and above ground pools with decks. It features the same play as the original Aqua-Toss that challenges backyard quarterbacks to score touchdowns, field goals, and safeties by throwing waterproof non-absorbent cushioned footballs into three target holes in an oversize 3-D football. It fits on only six square feet of deck space. It also includes Pool Shot's patented backboard technology that corrals both scoring strikes and errant passes to keep the ball from flying out of the pool.



Pool Basketball

Shoot some hoops while staying cool in the water with the Poolmaster® Splashback Poolside Basketball. With its all-weathered hard-body backboard and plastic hoop, you will have home court advantage when it's your turn to host the game.


  • All-weather hard-body backboard
  • Rugged 14″ plastic hoop with polyethylene net
  • Sturdy Polyform game base withstands high-capacity gameplay
  • The game base can be weighted with water or sand
  • Pro-style ball and inflating needle included
  • Size: 34″ Wide x 45″ High x 38″ Deep
  • Backboard size: 34″ Wide x 25.5″ High
  • Ages 8+


Swimline Ladderball Game

Swimline Ladderball

Bring a backyard favorite into your pool!  The Swimline Ladderball Game has PVC construction that enables it to float in the pool.  No longer will you have to leave the pool to play a game and the waves give it a whole new challenge!




Volleyball is always a good time, whether or not it’s in a gym, on the sand, or in the water. However, playing in the water gives this game a unique twist. It’s harder to move around in the water making it a bit more challenging. The only downside to this game is that there need to be at least two people in order to play. Typically the more people you have the more fun it will be, but too many people will just be overcrowded.      


Dive Games

4 game

Dive games are another great way for your kids to use their imagination. They can use the 4 Game Combo Set or the Swimways® Sea Charms Dive Bandz™ to see how many they can dive and collect before needing to come up for air. This can also be played as a competitive game by seeing who can dive down to collect the most pieces. Also, having goggles goes hand-in-hand with this type of game. Being able to see what they're diving for is definitely important.  


Watermelon Ball


Take your next pool party to a whole new level with the Watermelon Ball game. A fun unique swimming pool game combining components of football, basketball, and rugby in the water. Fun for ages 8 and above.

  • Pass up to 10' under water
  • Dribble like a basketball under water
  • Made of high quality and extremely durable material
  • Fills to 9" diameter

Score a goal by placing the ball on the opposing team's pool deck or top rail. It's like playing American Football or Rugby in the water!


  • (1) Watermelon ball
  • (2) Filling needles
  • (1) Hose adapter (attaches to a standard garden hose)


Catch Games


Throwing a ball of any sort in the pool was one of my personal favorites as a kid. There are so many different ways to go about playing catch in the pool. Your kids could hit volleyball back and forth, catch a football they’re in the air about to enter the water or throw a Spongex Flying Softer Frisbee back and forth. The possibilities are endless here. There are so many different ways to go about this, so your kids could explore all the different options to find out what they enjoy the most.  




Traditionally a basketball game, but this game can be played in many different ways with a little imagination. The goal of the game is to get your opponent(s) to reach HORSE. For example, in basketball if you hit a shot from a certain location, your opponent(s) has to hit the shot from the same spot. If they make the shot then the game just goes on. However, if they miss the shot they will receive a letter. The first one to receive enough letters to spell horse loses. This game can easily be translated over to the pool by either playing on a basketball hoop in the pool, throwing at ball at a target, doing different styles of jumps in the pool, or by catching a ball a certain way. Like many of the other games, the opportunities are endless and give your kids a chance to use their imagination.  

Marco Polo

Perhaps the most popular pool game, Marco Polo is an easy a fun game for kids of all ages. One player is designated to call out “Marco” with their eyes closed attempting to tag the other players. As they call out “Marco” the other players are required to call out “Polo”. The players that are designated to call out “Polo” have a set amount of seconds to disperse themselves in the pool and then they try to avoid being tagged. Once they're tagged, they will switch roles with the player that tagged them and they will now have to close their eyes and try to tag the other players.  

Sharks and Minnows

This game is another great way to keep the kids active this summer. It works by designating one shark that starts at one end of the pool, while the minnow’s start at the other end. The minnows need to get to the end of the pool that the shark is starting at without getting tagged by the shark. If the shark tags them before they reach the wall, then the minnow will also become a shark. The last minnow to be tagged will be declared the winner. However, the shark must have their back turned to the minnow’s until they hear one of them attempting to get across. This way the minnows will have more of a fair chance to get across.

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