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Why Is Chlorine Important For Your Pool

We have grown to have a firmer understanding over the years of chemicals and how they react and work with each other. Knowing the dangers that germs and bacteria present for pools helps us prevent the spread of those germs; sanitization is one way of preventing your pool from becoming contaminated through the use of chlorine. Listed below are the benefits of using chlorine in the pool.

Keep Your Water Clean!

Contaminants enter our pool water through humans and nature. Walking through a muddy yard and jumping into the pool can affect the cleanliness of the water. A rainy day with high wind can cause dust, debris, and bacteria to fall into the pool; other objects such as leaves and branches can fly into your pool and cause damage while unbalancing your pool’s water purity.

How Chlorine Helps

Maintaining the cleanliness of your pool through keeping a regular chlorination schedule is important. When chlorine is added to the water it begins to break down into chemical compounds to keep water at its most hygienic level. To ensure that the chlorine will affect the water properly the pH level of the pool needs to be at the proper level. The perfect pH level is around 7.4 to 7.6. While the chemicals in chlorine attack the lipids present in bacteria it will also kill enzymes in the bacteria as well. All of our pools have bacteria and microorganisms in the water, chlorine helps make pool water safe to swim in.

Can Chlorine Cause Irritation?

Using chlorine to cleanse pool water may make it safe for swimming but there are some drawbacks that should be considered. Those with certain sensitive skin types can develop itchy skin due to chlorine. It is always recommended to rinse yourself and your swimsuit off after getting out of the pool, your swimwear may start to fade if you do not clean the chlorine off of them.

Chlorine should always be properly used and handled at all times to ensure the safety of yourself and the water.

Greg The Pool Guy Chemicals